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Roll-Blitz, the Collecting Machine

100% Made in Germany!

The Roll-Blitz is a tool to collect ball-shaped items like fruits, nuts, balls etc.

The Roll-Blitz is available in various versions

Roll-Blitz apple
Roll-Blitz apple

The Roll-Blitz apple is suitable for collecting items with a diameter between 4 and 10 cm like apples, pears, oranges, lemons, apricots, peaches, tennis balls, etc.

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Roll-Blitz hazelnut
Roll-Blitz hazelnut

The Roll-Blitz hazelnut is suitable for collecting items with a diameter up to 2.5 cm like hazelnuts, acorns, almonds, various seeds, pistachios, olives etc.

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Roll-Blitz walnut
Roll-Blitz walnut

The Roll-Blitz walnut is suitable for collecting items with a diameter between 2 and 5 cm like walnuts, golf balls, plums, cherries, olives, mirabelles, chestnuts and so on

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Step 1

Handling Step 1

Fasten the emptying bracket to a bin where you want to gather your collected items.

Step 2

Handling Step 2

Roll the Roll-Blitz’s wire basket over the items on the ground to be collected. Then apply different pressure towards the ground. Due to the applied pressure the Roll-Blitz adjusts its performance (Attention: Soft items like cherries, plums can be damaged when applying higher pressure to the ground)

Step 3

Handling Step 3

Collect the items until the Roll-Blitz’s wire basked is half full (max. 2/3). Then empty the wire basket.

Step 4

Handling Step 4

To empty the Roll-Blitz do the following: Slide it over the emptying bracket in a way so that the basket’s wires and the emptying bracket are perpendicular. The emptying bracket spreads the wires of the wire basket and the collected items fall into the bin. To ensure the continuous function of the Roll-Blitz you should not spread the wires more than required to remove the collected items from the wire basket. This avoids a permanent deformation of the wires.

Important remark

  • Objects entangled in the Roll-Blitz’s wires should be removed immediately. This prevents unwanted deformation or breakage of the wires.
  • Single wires cannot be replaced
  • Single wires can be bend after long usage. If that happened, bend carefully the wires which are out of shape back into the correct shape by hand.
  • The holding bracked can be adjusted to the wire basket of the Roll-Blitz by compressing and pulling it apart respectively.
  • Regular lubrication of the two pivot points between holding bracket and wire basket prevents squeaking during the process. You also extend the service life of Roll-Blitz.

1 year manufacturer warranty

From the date of purchase the Roll Blitz is under warranty for 1 year.

This warranty covers none of the following:

  • Deformations of the wire basket and other parts due to misuse of the Roll-Blitz
  • Distruction or deformation of the wire basket or other parts caused by a fall or drop.