The apple bag holder

More comfort when harvesting with the Roll-Blitz. Using the apple bag holder you can use the “Roll-Blitz” for a faster and more efficient harvest. You don’t have to transfer tediously the fruits from the bucket into the apple bag.

The apple bag holder is a very sturdy bracket for holding jute and PP bags. The spike attached at the top opens the wire bracket of the Roll-Blitz and the fruits drop into the bags.

Buckets, baskets or trays can be used as an alternative.

The hight is adjustable for the most common bag sizes. However, bags must have a minimum width of 60 cm. This corresponds with the diameter of the bag holder. The holder is fully zinc-plated for durability. The use of oversized steel sheet metal ensures stability and high quality. Made in Germany!

One bag is included in the package. Other containers or Roll-Blitz are not included and are used for demonstration purposes only.

Order the apple bag at the Roll-Blitz shop

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